Music Monday

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I decided to edit my last post for Music Monday. I decided to post Thriller by Michael Jackson as one last tribute to him. I remember I was 20 yrs old when this came out and it was the beginning of a new era in listening to music. This was a big deal to me then and looking back I can see it still is one of the most well made videos ever and set the standard for all those that followed. His Father Joe Jackson spoke out last night at the BET award show that paid tribute to him,"I wish the world had recognized him when he was living. Right now, he's bigger than ever. But I wish he was here to see all this, to hear all this," I would have to agree with him. Janet spoke briefly as well.
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  1. Hi Janet ~ I think Thriller is perhaps the best music video ever. Using the outline of a horror film, with a full production and dance team...and also the voice of the horror-film actor of all time...Vincent Price, would be impressive now. In the early 80's it was pure genious.


  2. This is my favorite video of all time!! He was certainly on the top of his game here!

    In spite of everything else he did in his life, you cannot deny the music. Luckily that will live on forever.

    Thank you for posting this, it is a classic!
    Take care,
    Kat :)

  3. Hello, just me again....

    I wanted to tell you that I have given you an award at my blog: http://candlesandcrafts.blogspot.com/

    Congrats! You deserve it!
    Have a great day!
    Kat :)