So Long, Farwell

Hi Everyone, I know you thought of this song when you read that title, admit it LOL!! I wanted to find the original version of the Von Trapp family singing this but no luck. I just thought it was a cute way of saying goodbye for the next two weeks (you can read more about why I am going away on my other blog) Thank you again for all your support on this blog, writing about Spirituality and my life has been so rewarding and therapeutic for me that I could never put it into words!! Thank you too if you did say a prayer for Pete's biopsy results, they were good, nothing to worry about. I hope you enjoy the video, I will be back before you know it, until then, take care my friends.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

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My October Top Entrecard Droppers! Thank you
to everyone who drops a card on my site, I will
catch up with all of you when I get back :)
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife 31
BeadedTail 31
Sparkle 31
Just Plain Tired 31
Photography by KML 31
My Java Rosa 31
Digital Rebel 350 30
First Door on the Left 30
Celeb Fashion 30
Mutual Love 29


  1. please take care, janet. hope to see you again here soon. please take our love with you.

  2. oh no....Janet I just came back to blogging!! I hope you have a good and restful break...see you when you get back!!

  3. Thanks Shinade and Bing for your kind words, glad to be back, look forward to catching up with you
    Take Care,
    Janet :)