Hi Everyone, Happy Friday I hope you are all doing well. I have always been told I have an insight to people and situations by others. I would call it intuition. I have often had dreams that have actually come true, for example when my father in laws mother died I dreamt about him calling me to tell me his mother had passed away two days before it actually happened. We are all born with it. As Parents I feel it grows stronger. Mom always knows right! I found this article on ways to recognize it in yourself and develop it. I feel it is a gift we are all given and it is just a matter of us nurturing it.
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Intuition like love emerges from the depths of the soul. Intuition has been defined as simply knowing something without knowing how you know it. Feelings of love and attraction magnify intuitive ability.

The immediate attraction that people in love often feel for one another is seldom logical or rational. It is instead a form of intuitive knowing that springs from the deep stirrings of the soul. Intuition like love is a mystery. It has a wisdom that can lead us in ways that don’t always make sense.

Everyone has intuitive ability and with a little attention and focus you can learn how to effectively use it. Your intuition can for instance, help you to attract a loving partner, provide valuable insight into others and increase self awareness as to your own sometimes baffling emotional patterns and attractions. Your intuitive knowing can also save you from unnecessary relationship heartache, increase intimacy and help you and your partner to more effectively communicate.

The following steps will help you to tune into and develop your natural intuition.

1.To begin become aware of how your intuition naturally surfaces. It will emerge primarily through your thoughts, your emotions, your body or your spirit essence.

If you receive intuitive information through your emotions you are an emotional intuitive. You are empathetic and feel what others feel. You give from the heart and most likely you long for a deep authentic loving relationship with a soul mate. Emotional intuitives believe that love can conquer all and are usually sympathetic, compassionate and sometimes vulnerable partners.

A mental intuitive intuits through their thoughts. They often intuit the opinions views and ideas of others. They see the big picture, and their intuitive ability inspires creative ideas and solutions to problems. In relationships mental intuitives need to feel understood, accepted and acknowledged for their keen perception and insight. They tend to be nonjudgmental, open minded and interesting partners.

If you are a physical intuitive you likely absorb the energy of others and the environment into your body. A physical intuitive will often experience their intuition as gut feelings or spontaneous aches and pains. Upon first meeting another they may for no known reason experience tingling shivers up their spine or their stomach may churn and summersault. In relationships a physical intuitive demonstrates love through touch, hugs, hand holding and sexual intimacy.

A spiritual intuitive receives intuitive energy in less tangible ways than the other three types. They may receive intuitive information about their family members and friends in their dreams or through instantaneous impressions and insight. These types of intuitives will sometimes “see” family members who have passed over and they may have visions of the future or be aware of the presence of angels. In relationships a spiritual intuitive is likely to fall in love at first sight, be spontaneous, insightful and wise.

2 However your intuition emerges, listen to it. Trust your initial impressions. It is often the first impulse you have about another, even before you know much about them that is the most accurate. Make it a habit to check in and listen for your intuitive responses. You might want to tune into the signals of your particular intuitive type. If you are an emotional intuitive notice how you feel around others. Are you quickly comfortable, calm, stressed or anxious? Do you feel opened hearted or self protective? If you are a mental intuitive you might hear an inner voice telling you that either something is not “right” or that you can relax and trust. Another common intuitive signal for the mental intuitive is an idea or thought that quietly but persistently keeps surfacing. If you are a physical intuitive check tune into your physical boy. Do you feel tight, tense or relaxed? Do you develop headaches or stomach pains around certain people or situations? A spiritual intuitive will often intuit in his or her dreams. If you suspect you are a spiritual intuitive, before you go to sleep at night ask for a dream that will help you to understand a particular person or situation. When you wake notice your initial feelings and thoughts and if you can recall a dream, write it down. If you do not understand it, seek help in interpreting it. You might find that it holds valuable information.

3.Once you become aware of an intuitive sensation or impression, spend some time alone where you can be undisturbed and further tune in. Focus within and ask for the message or meaning behind the intuitive sensations. Listen and try not to logically figure this out. Breathe, relax and become receptive. Then trust what you receive. Be honest about your desires and expectation, about another or a relationship. Your expectations of another will muffle your ability to listen to important vital intuitive information. Be willing to know the truth and release your desired outcome. Once you consciously begin to develop and align yourself with your intuition, the intuitive messages, sensations and impressions will increase. Be patient with yourself and the process. With time and practice your intuition will strengthen and become more clear and accurate.

Love is a powerful force that is always intuitively guiding you.

Intuition: The Soul Of Love
By Sherrie Dillard

Source URL: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/intuition-the-soul-of-love


  1. Hi Janet. I find that I am intuitive. Not sure what to call it. I know people. I can tell what kind of person you are by talking to you. Touching you. Or just being in the same room as you.
    My wife cracks me up. She is always asking me about certain people she encounters. I can tell the good from the bad. Sometimes I think it is a curse. Some are stronger feelings than others. Sometimes there is nothing. I have yet to be wrong.
    What do you think.

  2. Hi Janet,
    I have always been very intuitive. My first realization of this came when I was 8 years old.

    I woke up from a dream where I had been at a funeral of an uncle Victor. I didn't recognize this name or know the person so I woke up my mother. I was a little spooked by the very vivid dream.

    It turned out I did have an uncle Victor but only met him once when I had been a baby. My mother explained all this to me and told me all was okay and to go back to sleep.

    Later on, still early in the morning, the phone rang and it was to let my mother know her Brother-in-law, Victor had passed away during the wee hours of the morning.

    There are many many more experiences I have had: like having my hair stand on end and refusing to stay or camp somewhere, park someplace in the truck, etc...

    Walter got very mad at me once over not wanting to park in this camp. But, I felt and sensed an awful oppressive evil presence there the minute we drove in.

    Years later I was watching a documentary on tv about serial killers and lo and behold that park was one of the srories they spoke about.

    It seems several murders had taken place in that park over a period of years. A the time of the airing of that show the killer had never been found. As far as I know he never was.

    Everyone should always listen to their intuition. I know I do!
    Great post and I hop other people learn how to tune into their intuition!!

  3. Hi Russ and Jackie, I am so happy to hear your stories and thoughts on this subject. I do think some of us are more in tune with our intuition than others, it just comes to us Naturally and we are lucky to have that gift. I am glad you both have that gift too! Thank you so much for the comments, I hope they help inspire others to tune in to their intuition and trust it more often. I really appreciate the feedback.
    Hugs to you both,
    Janet :)

  4. I hit the wrong comment box Janet. Please forgive me. I just wanted to say thank you for joining in on the fun. I can't wait to see your contribution. You have such a way of inspiring all of us.

    About intuition though I will also add that I think mine was honed and is very keen due to be raising in an abusive home.

    I always had to keep on my toes, sense the mood and know when to get out or take cover. It is a known fact that most abused children do develop a higher sense of intuition than the average person. At least my therapists have told me this.

    It develops as a means to survive and it worked for me!!