Take A Holiday & Celebrate!

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing good today, I am doing great :) The sun is shining, and it is getting warmer out here! I am feeling so upbeat because I have plans after my morning group to go out to lunch with some new girlfriends. After feeling couped up for so long this winter, it feels almost like I'm taking a holiday from the daily grind and it makes me want to dance and celebrate. (Yes I am that easily excited, sad but true LOL!) So I thought I would share my favorite version of Holiday by Madonna! I hope it makes you want to celebrate your day too:) Now like Mo sings, I gotta go "Do the Bus Stop" and get my ass to another fun filled group (not)! Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)


I got this joke from a friend in my email
today, thought you might get a little laugh
out of it!

Old Love Between and Husband and Wife!

I was in my back yard trying to fly a kite.

I threw the kite up in the air, the wind would catch it for a few seconds,
then it would come crashing back down to earth.

I tried this a few more times with no success.

All the while, my wife is watching from the kitchen window,
muttering to herself how men need to be told how to do everything.

She opens the window and yelled to me,
'You need a piece of tail.'

I turned with a confused look on my face and said,
'Make up your mind. Last night, you told me to go fly a kite.'


  1. Glad you're having a good day! Hope you had fun with the new gf's. :D Loved the joke. Hahaha

  2. Thank you Gina, she is my favorite singer, I have seen her a few times in concert, once from the third row and it was amazing. I'm glad you like her music too,
    take care,
    Janet :)

  3. Thank you so much Patti :) glad you liked the joke,
    Hope all is well,
    Janet :)