Fun Time

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! Time for some laughs and relaxation. Speaking of relaxing, I think you'll get a good laugh out of this Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Yes, I had to add a Tosh.O, I know, your probably tired of me doing that, but it's my blog (ha,ha) and I love his sense of humor for some reason! Get ready for more to come too cause a whole new season of his show starts this Tuesday night!! Have a great weekend:)
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)


  1. Hi Janet. It's been a while. Everything is fine but I'm kinda busy lately so I couldn't do much blogging yet.

    You could always add as many Tosh O videos as you like, cause I like them too. Those are hilarious, especially The Racial Draft.
    White Collin Powell? Black Eminem black?! LOL!!!

    Thanks for stopping by at my place. See ya. :)

  2. Hi Cat, I understand how it gets, life is busy :) I'm glad you enjoy his videos as much as I do! Dave Chappele is the one who did that Racial draft and I agree LMAO! Thanks so much for stopping by it is always great to hear from you,
    Take Care,