Imperfection Is Beauty

Hello, Here are some words of inspiration for your day! I agree with this saying 100 percent!
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Janet :)



  1. That is very cute. If we could all follow it the World be a lot better place.
    We have to learn in our path through this world is to try not to take the wrong one. Especially over and over again. Try to learn the bad roads.

  2. Hey Janet ♥

    I want to thank you for visiting me over at my place, and thank you for the very thoughtful comment that you left for me!

    What a bright and cheerful blog you have here! I love it! I love how you've combined the colors and all!

    I like this quote too, by Ms. Monroe, it feels like your blog! Cheerful and bright!

    I'm happy that my writing touched you and made you think, please feel free to visit me and leave me a note, any time! And thank you for following my blog! We all have more fun on my facebook page, though! I encourage you to join me over there, too!


  3. p.s. is there a way to follow your blog with blogger/google instead of networked blogs?

  4. Hi Cece, thank you so much for your compliments, you made my day, I will join you on facebook :) I do have google friend connect further down on my blog, let me know if you cannot follow me that way. I look forward to visiting your blog for more great reads!!
    Thanks again :)

  5. Thank you so much Russ, your words are always so wise and true :)

  6. I see you don't publish anything even perceptively critical of your own personal thoughts... not even to broaden your own mind! Such a shame....

  7. Francis I did not publish your first comment because you rambled on about your religious views over a simple saying that simply means it is ok not to be perfect, I mean really lighten up!

  8. If, "Imperfection is beauty; and Madness is genius" - simply means: "It's okay to not be perfect..." - then, why not just say that in the first place?

    And more importantly, why do so many women seek perfection; while society incarcerates the mentally incompetent? I'm very confused....