Thank You

Hello, Just quick note to say Thank you to my commenters from yesterday. You did help me more than you can know. It just builds up, sitting here every day, the phone ringing with people who want money from me that I don't have. Not being able to hop in the car to escape the four walls that those dam rings echo off of. It builds up when I have to spend a beautiful day like today in a court house explaining to another creditor why I can't pay my bill. Ya "It" builds, by "It" I'm sure you get what I mean, "It" is the disappointment and frustration you feel that this is not how my life was suppose to turn out and all that encompasses. So maybe I'll find the strength to say Thank You for what I am going through (although I find that hard to believe right now LOL!) as it suggests in the poem below and listen, listen really hard for the guidance and courage to keep my dreams and hope from fading away. Thank you again,
Janet :)

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