What Is An Evolved Human?

Hi Everyone, I hope your doing well. I love this article by Johanus Haidner. It is similar to Eckart Tolles theory that he writes about in his book "A New Earth". As I have been working on self improvement, in so many areas of my life the past year, I have grown or evolved, and I look forward to growing and evolving even more so, as there is always room for improvement. With a new awareness of myself, I can't help but notice that so many people get "stuck". Stuck in unhealthy relationships with others and without realizing it, unhealthy with themselves. I hope that what I share will help anyone who really needs to evolve and grow :)
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What is an Evolved Human?

Is there truly such a thing as a fully evolved human?

A difficult and contentious question. My answer is, "Not yet." But we're working on it!

There are some parameters that are involved. Most people are not truly evolved, event o what our current potential is. Being a more evolved human takes time, emotional and spiritual maturity, not just physical, and a deep awareness of who and what we are. And, of course, the evolved human must have a self awareness and mental maturity that is of the highest order. This is difficult to attain, and is an ongoing quest, because, of course, no matter how evolved one is, there is always room for improvement! We are, after all, only human. And we are continually evolving into better beings and striving to be better people.

The evolved human is able to think beyond purely selfish ends and means. The evolved human is free in thought, if not body and deed. The evolved human is able to understand himself/herself more fully than is understood by most other humans.

The evolved human does not project his or her feelings on others, but accepts those feelings for what they are - and is able to examine these feelings in a higher level of thought, acting appropriately, and is able to spare other humans from his / her projections.

The evolved human is able to transcend greed, vanity, sloth, irascibility (anger), depression, discouragement, envy, pride and extravagance. While this is not without difficulty, the evolved human is aware, or strives to be aware, of the negative effect these behaviors have on himself and the world around him. And that is enough to deter him from these.

The evolved human will not knowingly lie, as even the smallest of lies can cause harm. The evolved human strives for honesty in all things, difficult though it is. For honesty truly is the highest level of thought. This does not mean that the evolved human is too blunt, rude, or does not spare the feelings of others. It means, rather, that the evolved human will be diplomatic in his/her honesty when necessary and avoid outright lies whenever possible.

The evolved human acknowledges his / her humanity and mistakes, striving to correct them whenever possible.

The evolved human realizes that she/he is not alone and understands our need for human contact and companionship. This is part of what makes being human so wonderful!

The evolved human acknowledges all aspects of humanity, including sexuality, spirituality, intellect, emotional, and the physical aspects of our being.

And the evolved human strives to continually evolve. To grow, grow always!

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  1. Thanks Janet. I have evolved out of a 22 year marriage. It was just pulling down lower and lower. Now I am happy and have been for the past eleven years. My new wife is wonderful.

  2. I'm glad to hear you did move on to true happiness, you deserve it! thanks for the comment :)

  3. Thank you for the post on an Evolved Human. I read it with great interest. It was fine to recognize the features that renew old self when one rests in spirit. The comprehension of the changes that happens in us doubles the gratitude to the Holy Spirit which renews us without any asking for that. Therefore your post made the day to art by Tomas which posts still differ from this response in some murmuring that still appears from time to time. Now I see that as the areas that still needs cultivation/improvement.

  4. So true Tomas, thank you so much for your comment :)