Reefer For Rufus and Breasts, Peace and Love

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! Here is proof that slowly but surely, the world is getting a little crazier by the day! I hope you have a laugh, or two as I poke fun at some of the news. I had to share this funny rendition of "Go the Fuk To Sleep"! Now I'm off to hunker down for Hurricane Irene! Stay safe my friends on the East Coast.
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A Seattle company has developed a marijuana
pain patch for use on Rufus and all his
animal friends suffering from arthritis,
cancer, and other chronic pain! Oh happy day
for anyone who wants to have a buddy like

Authorities have confirmed that there were
no "ILLEGAL" (remember that word!)
substances in Amy's system at the time of her
death. In October you will hear it is another
case like Micheal Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith
The doctors gave her whatever she wanted and
she OD on it! No real surprise with the findings

I think what Jessica Beagley really has
is a case of "M√ľnchausen by wanting 15
minutes of fame on the Dr.Phill show"
Just another example of being careful
what you wish for, she was found
guilty of Child Abuse this week

I'd like to see how these ladies feel about
the movement when time and gravity leave
their breast in the droop and wrinkled zone!!
Until then Breasts, Peace and Love!!

National Go Topless Day” to honor Women’s Equality Day. The annual protest is held in 7 US cities to promote the idea that women have the same constitutional right to be bare chested in public places as men. Go Topless was founded in 2007 by French guru Rael, leader of the Raelien movement.

As much as I love having my grandchildren for sleepovers, for some reason as soon as they get to Mimi's house the idea of it being a "sleep" over has turned into a "stay up all night" or "let's sleep in shifts, so one of us is awake all night" over! I think the reason for that is, no matter how many times I tell them it isn't so, they continue to believe it is a matter of time before the clowns and ponies show up!! So needless to say I may just have to get a copy of this book! If you go on Youtube you can hear the words to the story much clearer with Samuel Jackson reading it, but the way she reads it is just sooo funny!

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