Bloggerly Love

Hello, I hope your doing well today. I was flattered and so thankful to receive this award from Unikorna, who's blog, Why I Wake up Every Day http://unikorna.blogspot.com/ I'm so glad I found! If you are like me, and enjoy a person who tells it like it is, and often with a sense of humor, then you'll have to give her blog a visit! Thanks again Unikorna :)
Thank you for visiting,
Janet :)

The idea of the Liebster Award is to spread bloggerly love to some deserving bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Now that I have thanked Unikorna and linked back to her, it is my turn to nominate a few of my favorite people and their blogs, they are:

Kimmy Sharing Light

Jodi's Journey

Mysterious World

Words That Etch

Nod If You Hear Me


  1. Your very welcomed Robert, well deserved :)

  2. Thank You Janet. I will get it together one of these days. After taking time off I am finding it hard to get back to blogging as usual. I better not take any more time off, or I could get lost in a void.LOL

  3. Your very welcomed Russ, you are a great blogger, but I know it can be tough once you take some time off!! Have a great day,
    Janet :)