You're Already There

Hello, I hope your doing well today. This article written by Jodi Chapman is a good read because it is exactly how so many of us live our lives. I feel we all grow up with that mind set that we need to keep striving for more, for better, which is a good thing, but just how good does it have to be? And when we don't get to that place of "there" that we thought we would, we can become our own worst enemy. We can easily begin to get down on ourselves and on life itself. Learning that "there" is probably "here" can help to end the needless stress we put on ourselves as we try to attain more goals if we need to, and live more in the moment! Give it a try, what have you got to lose?
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Have you ever wanted to be there – wherever that was? The only requirement for there is that it is far from here.

There is a place where things just seem to work out. A place you have long dreamed of going to. A place where the puzzle pieces of your life somehow fit together.

There is a place where faith rules over fear. A place where positivity and gratitude are far more powerful than negativity and anxiety.

There is a place where everything is in abundance – love, money, time, self worth, laughter, joy. You always have more than enough.

There is a place where worry doesn’t exist. It’s a place where you have all of the time in the world to do exactly what you were put here to do. It’s a place where your purpose becomes your world – your mission becomes your focus.

There is a place where you are centered and grounded and free. Everything you have been working toward – all of the growing that you’ve been doing is finally realized when you get to this wonderful place.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to escape your current surroundings – dreaming more than anything that you could go from here to there? Do you ever feel that you can’t possibly wait any longer – that you have given all you can here – that the thought of continuing to put one foot in front of the other without the promise of ever being there is just more than you can handle?

Have you ever stopped to think that you may already be there?

Is it possible that your version of there and your soul’s version may not be the same? Your soul always knows that you are in the perfect situation each and every moment. You are learning and growing, and even though you aren’t comfortable and are yearning for something different, this is where you need to be for now. You are and have always been there.

I know that this may not be what any of us wants to hear, but it’s a powerful message. If we are already there, and we know we are there, we can begin to align our ego with our soul. We can get on board in knowing that our life is absolutely perfect exactly as it is.

And this doesn’t mean that we can’t strive to reach our dreams or allow ourselves to want something different, but it does mean that we can allow ourselves to be happy and content right where we are in this moment. If we can get to this place (which I’m still working on), it’s such a wonderful way to live – no longer struggling to be somewhere we simply aren’t.

We are already there – right where we need to be.

By Jodi Chapman
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  1. Thank you so much, Janet, for featuring my article here. So much gratitude to you!

  2. Thank you Jodi for letting me share your great article :)

  3. Yes it's true, we are never content with what we have, but again someone wise said that when someone has no new things to wish for, that will inevitably bring its unhappiness.

  4. That's a good point too Unikorna, maybe it is just a matter of finding a balance with contentment in the here and now and looking forward to the new things to come :)
    Thanks for your input :)