Hello, Happy Sunday, I feel this inspirational saying offers the perfect ideals to help us all live our lives by. I hope you think so too!
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Janet :)



  1. Just beautiful Janet.

  2. Thank you so much Pink and Sunny, I appreciate your comments :)

  3. I am very much in love with this post Janet, not only I love it but I also wish to write smth similar. I want to kindly ask you and share with me how did you create it (I mean the Victorian background and the font style). Congrats lovely lady.

  4. Hi Unikorna, I'm so glad you love it, I do too! I did not design the picture of the saying, so I can't tell you how to do this particular style, I found it on photobucket. You could make something like this on photobucket though, you just find a blank background, for this style I would search for a vintage background, find one you like and save it to your album, then click edit and add text and pick the style font you like from what they have to offer and type away whatever you want it to say. I hope that helps :) xo

  5. txs sooo much, I've been looking for such an idea for a long time, I am hopelessly fascinated by the Regency period and Victorian era as well so I really appreciate the advice. Lovely lovely Janet :). Kisses with cherries on top :).