The Plight Of Virgins

Hello, Happy Saturday! Everyday it seems like Cable is offering us a new Reality TV show, in which we usually have no choice but to pay for. I know we have the choice not to watch these shows too, and trust me I don't, but what is left for us who don't really care for Reality TV. Not much. I've gotten use to American Pickers, Pawn Stars, but there is no way I'm going to ever tune into Hairy Bikers, Swamp People, Big Shrimpin, thanks, but no thanks History Channel. Now TLC, that already has IMO, the disgusting show "Sister Wives", has decided to add a show all about Virgins, called the "Virgin Diaries"! I mean really, do we need this much reality in our lives? Is there an audience out there that needs to know the plight of Virgins? I do not mean to be disrespectful of their life choices, I truly believe in to each it's own, whatever works for you, makes you happy, yada, yada, yada, you get what I mean LOL! It's just I feel that Reality TV is taking over the airwaves more and more and allowing a just about anything goes type mentally from the programming executives, for example MTV went from good music videos to Jersey Shore? What kind of entertainment is that? Reality TV is taking away one of the pleasures I have in life, watching good TV. I think it just sucks, and as you can tell, it's getting on my nerves! Even though my bitching about the Reality TV shows will not change a thing, it feels good to vent about it! And I'm grateful for the few good shows on like Son's of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife! Virgins, Practice Makes Perfect, Good luck with that TLC!
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I just hope they were able to get
a copy of these books before the big day!

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cause Nausea!


  1. I shall try your suggestions, I am now very much seduced by the tv series "Camelot" but my most favorite series are House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Medium, and I kinda like the new series American Horror Story, if you like the genre...:) And oh My I forgot True Blood...roar...
    Kisses Janet

  2. Thank you Unikorna, I will try your suggestions too!