The Beautiful Puzzle Of Me

Hello, An insightful way of looking at the our own personal progress. I loved it when I read it this morning, I hope you do too.
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Janet :)


Day by day, hour by hour,
second by second,
I am figuring out the puzzle of me
What I love, What I hate
What makes me happy, What makes me sad
What makes me strong, What makes me tremble
What my passion is, What my weaknesses are
I’m discovering the parts of me that will
make me whole!
Page by page, moment by moment,
breath by breath,
I am creating myself by finding out
who I am and who I choose to be,
I look forward to spending the rest
of my time in this life putting me
together, piece by beautiful piece…


  1. We are all beautiful puzzles. We just need to look a bit closer to figure that out.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I'm 64 almost 65 years old and I still haven't figures out the puzzle of me.

    Have a great valentine's Day!



  3. I am more and more of a puzzle to myself and that amplifies my general lack of hope when I take a step back and look at the big picture. That's why I am so astonished when I discover such optimistic people such as yourself :). It's like I am a different species than the rest of the world...:).

  4. No I don't think your that different Unikorna, Each of us are unique in the way we view ourselves and the world around us. I have moments of pessimism and even more so now with my job situation, but something inside me keeps me fighting to see the brighter side of things. It was a survival skill I learned growing up with a mother who suffered with a terrible mental illness. You never know what will come up in your life to bring that out in you, I know it is inside of you somewhere! Thank you for always being so open and honest with your feelings, I appreciate that about you,

  5. LOL! I hear ya Steve,
    {{Hugs}} to you too

  6. Dear Janet, I love this too. It really makes us stop and think about ourselves. I like it. Blessings dear, Catherine xo