Justice For Trayvon

Hello, This is such a tragedy that happened to a family in Sanford Florida. An innocent 17 yr old boy named Trayvon was killed just because he was walking down his street. A victim of what many people believe is racial profiling. Just looking at his picture breaks my heart, I can only imagine how the hearts are breaking for the people who knew him, who loved him. His Parents have started this petition and I really wanted to share it here so that they can get the signatures they need to prosecute the killer of their son. If you could please take a minute to sign this petition it will be deeply appreciated and possibly prevent this from happening again. Please feel free to share it on any social networks that you have too.
Thank you,

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Why This Is Important

On February 26, our son Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he had just bought some candy. He was only 17 years-old.

Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, admitted to police that he shot Trayvon in the chest. Zimmerman, the community's self appointed "neighborhood watch leader," called the police to report a suspicious person when he saw Travyon, a young black man, walking from the store. But Zimmerman still hasn't been charged for murdering our son.

Trayvon was our hero. At the age 9, Trayvon pulled his father from a burning kitchen, saving his life. He loved sports and horseback riding. At only 17 he had a bright future ahead of him with dreams of attending college and becoming an aviation mechanic. Now that’s all gone.

When Zimmerman reported Trayvon to the police, they told him not to confront him. But he did anyway. All we know about what happened next is that our 17 year-old son, who was completely unarmed, was shot and killed.

It's been nearly two weeks and the Sanford Police have refused to arrest George Zimmerman. In their public statements, they even go so far as to stand up for the killer - saying he's "a college grad" who took a class in criminal justice.

Please join us in calling on Norman Wolfinger, Florida's 18th District State's Attorney, to investigate my son's murder and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin


  1. wow it's such a sad sad story, I wish I could sign the petition but it's for US citizens only. I admire your initiative Janet, good for you :).

  2. Thank you for the compliment Unikorna, and I appreciate that you would have signed, I know you have a kind heart and would if you could!
    Have a great day,