Down The Tubes

Hello, Today I just feel like (venting), I mean, sharing my views on some of these so called "Reality Shows". I can't help but search for sources of entertainment to help me escape the doldrums of being unemployed and "Transit Challenged" as I now refer to my ability to get out and about during the day lol! Seriously, some days just trying to catch the bus can be challenging, as the bus drivers like to ride on their own schedule and not that of the public one they are suppose to follow. Anyway, to get back to my vent-views, I just want to know how the executives sit in there offices and decide that these type of shows are going to entertain in any way, shape or form, or has the idea of entertaining us cable paying folks just been lost all together on them?? Pardon me if I'm nieve, but if this is what has become entertainment for the majority of people in this day and age, I would have to say that maybe, just maybe, we are not an over prescribed happy pill generation! That possibly more people, these executives included, could use a happy pill or something to help them remember what happy is, what entertainment is, what TV was invented for. Until cable can snap out of this disgusting, often depressing, rut I'm grateful for the few good shows that are on, and that I have a treadmill to kill some of my boredom on, like a Hamster on it's wheel, with some good music videos!
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Janet :)

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo
The only good show on TLC, if you watch,
you will be amazed by her gift!

Hoarders, Buried Alive! This show should come
with a warning: Watching may cause you to break out
in the heevey jeeves, the sensation known as
skin crawling and a severe state of depression!

I think these people need to ask themselves,
Do I really want to live in a world that I have
to wear gas masks and eat radiated possum??

My Strange Addiction,
I don't know if "Strange" is the right word for it!
She is addicted to drinking her own urine,
So disgusting I had to black it out!

Mama’s Boys, a reality show about 30-something
Italian men still living at home with their Mamas!
I think it should be re-titled "Challenged Middle
Aged Men and the Enabling Mothers who love them"!


  1. It's a matter of money - the reality shows are popular. Viewers can either feel superior to the show participants or they can live the high life vicariously - ad revenues are the income stations use to produce and provide shows - the more popular the show, the more ad revenue...Simple as that.

    I confess to having watched "Hoarders" tho I used to watch it "On Demand" and fast forward through the truly icky parts - I'm kinda over that horror show - those people are so damaged it is more painful to watch their illness than it is to see the results of their illness.

    I have no knowledge of the other shows you mentioned and I don't think I want any!

    1. Your so right Grace, I almost forgot about that while I was thinking about this, it's all about the "big" money! Wishful thinking on my part that they get enough out of us paying viewers!
      Thanks for your insight Grace,
      Have a great day!

  2. I've never watched any of these. Probably never will either. I think those folks are just running out of ideas for television shows.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  3. So true Sandee, they just can't put on their thinking caps lol!

  4. Sweet and inspiring Janet I wanted to tell you that I offered you a blog award. Love you so...

    1. Thank you so much Unkorna, you always know how to make me feel loved, I really appreciate that!