Summer Spirit

Hello, Happy Saturday! After having made it through my first week at work, which was just a great experience all around, meeting new people, learning a new job, I couldn't ask for a better weekend to top it off. The unofficial start of Summer. The weather here is co-operating nicely too, today it is about 90 degrees! It got me thinking today, what it is about Summer that we all just love, that seems to put us all in better spirits? It is of course, a simple question to answer! I'm sure it is a combination of all the things summer encompasses, and to each one of us, special in it's own way. Here are a few of my favorite things about Summer, which I'm sure are yours too! But feel free to tell me what are your favorite things about summer, what do you think makes it so special? Now before the day passes me away, and the weather changes, I do live in New England after all, I'm going to go catch some of those sun's rays!
I hope all of you have a great Saturday,
Janet :)


Bathing in the Sun, and eating Ice Cream!

More outings with Friends and Family!

Where I spent most of my summers growing up, lots of
great memories!
July 21, 1977 (Hull Ma)—Nantasket Beach, Paragon Park
On the hottest day of the year (102 F)
Photo credit: Richard W. Green


  1. Not fond of summer just as I am not fond of winter - extremes are not my thing - Love the crispness of Fall - always feel most alive, energetic and creative in the Fall...

    1. Silly me Grace, I just assumed everyone loves summer like me. I do love the fall too, that's when I was born as well. thanks for the comment, hope all is going well with the moving process!

    2. Well you know I tend to be a bit contrary - Fall is when I was born and I have always loved it best but really had no strong opinions about the other seasons - tho I've never done well in the heat. After having lived in places of extreme heat and extreme cold I came to love and appreciate Fall and Spring even more than I did before!

  2. hi Janet lovely post,like it

  3. I love the Summer too, not as much as the Spring but Summer is my second favorite. And I love it so much because I get to wear such flowy clothes that I can barely feel on my body.
    After a couple of rainy months during Autumn and almost 6 more of cruel winter, Spring and Summer are so welcome and I love every ray of sun :)

    You're always so positive, dear Janet.