Romantic Poetry

Hello, I hope your doing good today. I came across this beautiful, Romantic Poetry of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr and had to share it with you. I highly recommend checking out his facebook page as well as his website for more of his writings and inspiration if you like this. I think he is a truly gifted writer and I'm looking forward to reading more of his writings.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


High in the mystic heavens where matter and spirit marry,
a magic potion was brought to life by the divine apothecary
With lightning bolts he cast it down to all the worlds below,
as thunder shook the sky that day, letting everybody know

Welcoming a sweet new soul with a rare
effervescent glow, skeletons tumbled from my chest
My life a brand new start, the fairest of all faeries
was born inside my heart. I raised my arms up to the sky
My smile drank in the sea

My eyes a supernova, my heart sweet ecstasy
How blessed I was on that fine day,
the day you came to me. A precious gift
straight from the gods, your love had set me free


  1. Hello, Janet.
    Beautiful poetry, indeed. And so nice of you to share it. I will definitely check his site too.