Roots And Wings

Hello, Happy Saturday! I hope your doing well. I am doing great, I'm still loving my new job and all the new friends I'm making. Today is a big day for my family, as Scott will be graduating from High School. I'm sure I'll have eyes full of tears as he walks across the stage, but they will not be all tears of a Mother watching her baby become a man, in what now seems to feel like the time span of a blink of an eye, not 18 yrs. They will also be tears of joy and pride. After I wipe those tears dry, I'm sure I'll smile as I think of all the hope and promise that lies before him. He is now free to begin living his dreams. They say as Parents "We can give our children two things :one is roots, the other is wings” We've given him well grounded roots, so today we will, we will give him his wings.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


  1. Such a lovely post, Janet. And very sentimental too :)
    You're a great mother and Scott is so lucky to have you. Congratulation to both!


  2. Congratulations to your son for graduating and to you for giving him roots and wings!

  3. Hi Janet,
    I hope you won't mind I've added you to my other blogroll on http://theseamanmom.wordpress.com/. The latest nasty things Google are playing on my blog scared me and I've decided to make a back up of my work, just in case I need to transfer to Wordpress.


  4. Dear Janet, Congrats! I hope that your day was filled with beautiful memories. xo

  5. Congrats to Scott..I am sure he has some magic wings from his mom :).