I Am Woman

Hello, I think Aarti Khurana words describe every woman perfectly. I hope you think so too.
Thanks for visting,
Janet :)

I am a woman. I create life. I am sacred. I am sexy. I am fiery. I am more confident than you think. I am worthier than you can ever imagine. I am immensely passionate and more loving than you can ever dream of. I may be flawed and imperfect. But I am more generous and warm than you can perceive. I learn. I grow. I protect. Indeed I am thankful for being a WOMAN.

© Aarti Khurana


  1. I like it and I'm thankful for being a women too.

    Have a terrific day Janet. :)

  2. Lovely homage to women everywhere...I love being a woman :). Kisses lady Janet.

  3. Dear Janet, I think that we should all keep repeating this to ourselves each day. It is difficult to keep up our stamina, but we have to believe. Blessings dear friend. Cathrine xo