Hello, I hope you are enjoying your Halloween! Today at work we had a pumpkin contest, along with a party that had sooo much food I'm now on the treadmill as I write this! But it was so much fun, I just love working there. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some of the creative pumpkins my co workers and I came up with! The Hamburger pumpkin deserved to win the contest, I thought it came out awesome, wouldn't you agree? And of course, I had to include a picture of the grand kids.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)

And The Winner was....


  1. The kids are adorable, sexy Janet. congrats on the treadmill initiative, I could use it too, considering the size of my butt :).

  2. Your grand babies are adorable. Times two.

    I love the pumpkins and yes the burger and fries took the 1st place prize.

    Have a terrific day. :)