Building A Mystery

Hello, I hope your all doing well. How I miss blogging as much as I use to, but I'm following some good advice from Sandee and just blogging on the weekends for now. My work schedule includes three days a week that I work from 7:30 am to 3:30pm, which means I have to leave the house by 6:45 am. So by the time I get home, cook dinner, take care of some chores around the house, get a walk in on my treadmill, I'm just about ready to hit the hay to get up and do it all over again. I just can't seem to stay up as late as I use to and do anything else I wish to do, must be the middle aged years creeping up on me lol! But that's ok, it is what it is, maybe the more I do it, the more I'll get use to it without getting too tired. Sadly the Patriot's did not make it to the Superbowl this year, but we had a great day watching the playoff game. My brother in law who has the Cancer came over and was in great spirits. He has been fighting his cancer with amazing strength and courage that I have never seen in anyone. A few months ago we did not even think he would still be here with us during the playoff season. I just found out his Doctor has told him that he has never seen anyone walking around with a Cancer count as high as his. So between the Chemo therapy and his will to live, he is beating the odds against him. I almost feel like I am witnessing some type of miracle in the works. And just as I wrote that last sentence, it made me think of this song by Sarah McLachlan, Building A Mystery. It's a mystery to me, but a good mystery. Now all we can do is pray it continues for as long as possible! Now I'm going to enjoy doing nothing for the rest of the weekend. Yup, just some r & r. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with whatever you have going on. I'll catch up with you next week, or you never know, maybe even sooner.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


  1. This is another great song by Sarah. I really hate it that they are using her Angel as the theme song for that pet adoption campaign. Be assured that I fully support any effort to better the lives of abandoned pets, but that commercial tears my guts out every time I do not get the channel switched in time. For we do not have anything left to give. Subsequently, that commercial starts playing in my head when her song does, which makes me want to shut it off, as well.

  2. I am sorry to just now be learning about your brother-in-law's struggle with cancer. But, wow, good for him that he has such a strong will to live.

    Still, I know it is difficult. We lost several family members within a 5 year span to cancer and it's tough!

    I will miss hearing from you but think you made a good decision for now with your blogging. I only started back blogging a few months ago and I am already experiencing a little blog burn out.

    Take care of yourself and your new job. I envy you there at home not worrying about a blog!

    Sending you big big hugs! Xoxo's ♥

  3. See you aren't all stressed out trying to keep up with your blog. Now you can just let us know what's going on in your life each week. That doesn't take very long at all.

    Excellent news on your brother in law. I'll keep him my prayers.

    Everything is 49ers around here, but I live in California. Yesterday during our seafood chowder feed one of the gals was dressed from head to two in niners apparel. It was pretty cool.

    Have a terrific day honey and enjoy your day of R&R. Big hugs. :)