The Pursuit

Hello, An inspirational quote that really tells it like it is. Gotta love it!
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Janet :)


  1. Yeah, not everyone can be as perfect as I truly am, but I do applaud the effort. Hey, being magnanimous like that is part of my perfection!

  2. I love the quote. Too often folks set themselves up for failure. Not a good thing.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  3. Yes perfections is not for humans :). It actually is very boring the idea of perfection, nothing to surprise you, nothing to fight for :). Lovely quote, Janet.

  4. I agree and I know it's correct but I must confess I am a perfectionist! And, it is true, I stay frustrated all the time!! But at least I know it and can laugh at it now!

    Hope you have a great week Janet!

  5. Strive for perfection, but accept how rare it is. Great thought, so many forget that.