A New Look at My Inlaws

Hi Everyone,
Well this morning Elsie and Larry went into the Boston Medical Center as planned. Around 10.30 this morning I got a call from Larry. He told me that when they got in there his heart started pounding very fast and he felt sick. When that happened to Larry, Elsie's heartbeat became I believe he said irregular as well. I think when they were faced with what was ahead of them, first Larry had what I think is an anxiety attack. Then Elsie got upset as well. They had to postpone the operation until tomorrow. It shows me what a bond they have that I never really noticed before. I know they love eachother but this showed me it was deeper than I realized. When I told pete, he was touched as well. It goes to show that when you spend many years with someone, not matter how good or bad, they truly become your soulmate. I had the pleasure of spending the day with briana. She is now 5 months and 10 days old. She started to crawl a week ago. She is so petite is is so cute to watch her crawl. She is ready to do more and more, she wants to walk. When Christa holds her hands she is all smiles when she walks. Good Luck to Christa! LOL The best part of today was she kept crawling around the coffee table and playing peek a boo with me and smiling and laughing. I love her more everytime I see her. Well I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Take Care,


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