Cousin Katie

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had a good day. Today Larry told me that Elsie may be able to come home tomorrow! They are doing tests to check her tolerance for walking and how much oxygen she needs if any. I will go in with Larry to pick her up and get her settled at home. I talked tonight with my Aunt Kay, my mothers sister. A couple of weeks ago their cousin Katie who was the last of the 9 cousins they had also suffered a stroke. I thought poor Kay just, watched her sister suffer from a stroke, now her cousin and best friend. But sadly Katie only lasted a few days after her stroke. She had bleeding in her brain. Katie was a very independent person and would not have wanted to live in a wheelchair. They knew from the beginning that she would never walk again. She still drove until the stroke at 80 something. Katie was so kind and generous to me and my siblings during my mothers service, that you could feel her sweet and funny personality. Katie and Kay planned on me and my sister Karen coming over for lunch when the weather got better. Karen and I will still go have lunch with Kay soon. Katie told us that my mother could not look at her without laughing. Katie was a comic. For the little time we knew you Katie, you made us smile thinking of your good memories with our mother. May you rest in Peace with your family.

take care,

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