Good Day

Hi Everyone,
Elsie did not come home today, yesterday her oxegen was a little low and she was unsteady on her feet. They decided she should spend a few days in rehab before going home. She is in radius in plymouth. I got to spend some time with her today. She is doing well considering all she has been through. The results of her biopsy on her lung and lymphnodes came back clean, which is really good. I am still unsure though if she is cancer free? When I asked her if the doctor said anything about further treatmeant, she said today that the doctor is gonna talk about that somemore later on. I will have to give him a call. Walking into the rehab was tougher than I thought. It brought back the feelings I had when my mom was in the nursing home. Watching elderly and sick people at the end of their lifes battleing daily with either thier mental or physical health is the saddest thing to observe. I wish that there was a better way for seniors to be cared for in the end. I stayed focused though on now and I soon got passed those feelings. Well I'll talk to you tommorrow.

Take Care,
Janet :)

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