Hi Everyone,
Elsie did get through her procedure alright. They took her off the ventilator today for about an hour and then she needed it back. She is trying so hard, God love her. She is fighting to get back, and I think she will. I am watching the best of Allan Baldwin from SNL, it is so funny to see how even him at an early age looked so slim and trim and you see how his looks change from year to year. It made me and Pete feel better that we are not the only ones, boy we looked good at an early age, now not as much!. I am gonna start exercising again with the Wii player, today we went to toys r us and I saw they are coming out with a fit disc. It has everything from yoga to jogging and running. It works with you from the beginning stages to the more advanced! It won't let you fake moves or advance without getting it right, it is like having a virtual trainer! It looks so cool. It is coming out on May 20th, I can't wait to get it.

Take Care,

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