Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well, I have been doing pretty good. I was listening to the new Madonna album, there are some good songs but some not so much. I like her older songs better. Many of her songs always seem to identify with my life. Her song Promise to try reminded me of my mom growing up and even more so now. Papa don't preach really fit my situation when I got pregnant with Christa even though it came out a year later. Her video showed a little girl dressed in a catholic outfit just like the one I use to wear. I know alot of people don't like her, I don't agree with everything she has done, but I admired her for having the guts to go against the norm . She has many good songs that were not hits that have alot of meaning and show her deeper side that alot of women can relate too. I am going into Boston today to see Elsie, she is slightly improving everyday. I just heard on the news that they are going to increase the fines in Boston for Jay walking. I better watch my steps I guess. They must have Jay walking police out and about! LOL Hope you all have a good day,

Take Care,
Janet :)

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