Fun Day

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday Larry and I went to see Elsie and she was sitting up in a chair. She is improving, her breathing is getting to be more on her own than the machine doing it, but she still needs the machines. I managed to get a couple of laughs from her, as well as can laugh right now. I have to admire her I don't know how I would handle it. She has so many tubes. Thank god for medicine. I went down to Christa's in Wareham today. Playing with Briana is even more fun when she is at home. I kept playing I am gonna get you and she would laugh and laugh. I just can't get over her. I got tickets for this Sunday's Red Sox game. Now they say it is gonna rain!!! I looked on craigslist in case I decided to sell them and just about everyone is selling thier tickets for less than face value, if they don't cancel the game Jim and I are gonna be bumming! Well have a good weekend!

Take Care,
Janet :)

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