Soggy Sunday

Hi Everyone,
I talked with Jim this morning and we decided not to go into the game. It looked like it was going to be off and on showers. I am so glad now, because it was such a long game and it was so cold in there!! I have been having a hard time the past couple of days, knowing that Mothers Day is coming, I feel for you all that have lost a Mother, especially during the first year of special dates. I am constantly trying to stay focused on the present. Which has helped alot getting through the grieving, but when a day like this comes around, you can't help but feel the loss. I will try to focus on all the good memories when the day comes. Elsie is still making progress, but she is getting frustrated with having a tube down her throat, which I don't blame her. Larry had to have a Kidney Stone removed today. He had been having alot of pain with it. It is a simple procedure and he will be home today. What a tragic end to the Kentucky Derby, they were talking this morning on the t.v. about how they have been using steriods on the Horses. The strength they gain from those drugs put alot of weight on their legs. Now that sport has to be cleaned up. I can't believe how much steriods have been used in so many sports, even horse racing! Well I will talk to you later,

Take Care,
Janet :)

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