Congrad's To Manny!!!

Hi Everyone,
Manny did it tonight, as all Boston Red Sox fans already know! He hit his 500th homerun. Elsie was a big Manny fan, she always liked people who were just being themselves, Manny being Manny! I was really hoping to take her into a game this summer. Speaking of Elsie I talked tonight to my brother in law Tom, and he was driving into work yesterday when what should pass him on the highway was a truck and on it's back was a rainbow with the words in large letters,
Miss Elsie!! I have never seen anything like that? Have any of you? Then he got to work in Medfield and someone found a wallet and showed it to him. When he read the license it was the same address as Elsie's place, South Meadow Village in Carver Ma. Now I am truly convinced we live on. Elsie was not ready to leave on Tuesday when she decided not to live on with the machines, she wanted her son tom their, he was working in New Hampshire that day. It goes to show she was grateful to him for coming the next day to be with her in her final moments. I think she wanted to send us a sign that she is ok, and is at peace. One other thing happened tonight that I thought was weird, I was putting together pictures of Elsie and just before that I posted the Angel picture with the saying May you have a Sheltering Angel looking over you so no harm comes to you. As I was sitting on the floor putting pictures together, the frame was to my left with the glass, Pete went to get me some tape out of a drawer and barley moved it, all of a sudden the glass came smashing down around me, some big pieces as well. All I got from that was a small cut. Thank you so much Angels, or should I say thanks to Elsie, or my mom? Anyway it is nice to know someone is looking out for me. I was sitting on the porch later on and I saw lightning, I thought I should not press my luck, so I went inside LOL!
Thanks again for visiting my blog. Tomorrow we begin Elsie's services. I may not blog
again until Tuesday.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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