Hi Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well, I found this inspirational saying on a website, it remined me of Eckhart Tolles thoughts on letting go of the old tapes and focusing on the now. I thought I would share this with you.

The Time Has Come to Stop Fooling Around
"Who am I; who are you? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Who or what is God? What is absolute reality? "The time has come to stop fooling around. It's time to get the answer—not from someone else, not someone else's version of the answer—your own answer, arrived at yourself from the depth of your very own being. "Here and now, you can begin this personal effort to determine just what Fact, Principle, Reality, Truth ITSELF is. In spite of all that mankind has been told for centuries, this is not an impossible task! It is not hard to do. It is not even an uphill struggle. It is the happiest thing you will ever undertake! As one divests himself of former beliefs and opinions and begins to arrive at his own concept of God, through his own effort, from out the wisdom of his own heart, then God, Reality, Truth reveals Itself to that one—just as it has been said, 'Seek and ye shall find.' "Let the beliefs go. Let what 'they say' go. Drop all the old personal opinions no matter how near and dear they seem. You start anew, turning within to the heart. Then when you arrive at your own meaning of God, you happily find you are also discovering your own real Identity and its childlike simplicity."
William Samuel,
I hope you are all enjoying your memorial day weekend. We are not doing much, Pete has a friend who catches Lobster so we got some for boat price. Larry is coming over for dinner tonight to have some with us. It is hard to enjoy ourselves with Elsie on our minds. We all went in to see her today, she couldn't even squeeze Larry's hand. She was so out of it, I don't know if it is just because of the medicine or she is becoming non responsive. I tend to think it is the medicine. My sister who is a nurse said that non responsiveness can come from kidney failure. Tuesday her Doctor will be back and we have to have a serious talk with him. We cannot stand to see her suffering like this anymore. If nothing else can be done then we will probally have to follow her wishes which she has in writing, not to be kept alive by any machines. It now has been 45 days since the surgery. I am thankful to her Doctor, he has been excellent to Elsie. He just adores her and he said he thinks about her all day. Larry said today, please don't let me go this long. Pete kidded with him, so how long would you like? A week, a month? Just trying to lighten this horrible situation. Thanks again for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and once again ask for prayers for Elsie.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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