Great Day!

Hi Everyone,
Spiritual thought of the day is "There are many paths But the goal is the same in each. There is always the easy way Or the hard way of reaching the goal. There is the direct route Or the devious route Which leads up highways and byways. The choice is always up to the individual. You are absolutely free To choose your own path. Therefore seek and follow it And in the end you will reach the goal: Your self-realisation of Me The divinity within you."
I hope you all had a great day! I had a great day between my visit with Elsie and picking my son up from school. After I picked up Scott from school today we were driving home and we passed a corner store in our town, wouldn't you know it as we passed it we saw the Boston Red Sox's Trophy tour car. Scott said they were at his school earlier this week, and the funny thing was as I was driving home from Boston today to pick him up I was driving beside the Trophy tour car. So we decided to stop and got in line, we got our picture taken with the two world series trophies. I was so excited that I thought to call my work and have them come down. I did but everyone was out. A couple of minutes later they pulled in as well. I got to see Margy and Nathaniel and Rita, who are the people that I wrote about in an earlier blog that I worked with until my mothers got sick. Strange how things work out. I sent out this email earlier to some of you, but I decided to post it for those who visit my blog that I do not exchange email with. I went to see Elsie today, in the beginning of the visit she seemed pretty rough, but she did not sleep to well last night. I held her hand and she slept a little while and then seemed much better. The Doctor came in and said in a few days after she gets rid of some of her infections he wants to put a feeding tube in her stomach so that she gets better nourishment and will speed up her recovery also prevent food coming up from her stomach and getting into her lungs which can cause aspiration pneumonia that would be a disaster., Her kidneys are slowly coming back to be fully functioning. A couple of days ago I was feeling that she was not gonna make because the doctor said 50 percent or less chance, but today I have hope. The Doctors even said she is an amazing lady, who keeps on overcoming her setbacks. Elsie told me her wishes before she went into this surgery, she did not want to be kept alive by machines and has it in writing, although she really is not at that point, I thought she may be feeling she is and may want to give up, so I needed to know how she was feeling at this point and I said Elsie, do you still have the fight in you to keep going and she nodded her head yes!!! I just sat with her for a couple of hours and held her hand, from what I went through with my mom, I learned that can be the best medicine of all. When I was leaving she grabbed my hand again and looked at me as if to say, thanks that's what I needed, I just said to her I know you love us all too. Keep the prayers coming and thanks for all your support! Love ya,Janet :)

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