The Power Of Prayer

Hi Everyone,
Happy Birthday Pete, My hubby just hit 50! He thinks he is so old, but deep down I think he says that so I keep telling him he is still a handsome guy, or as my dear departed friend Sue would say he is a stud muffin!! I am just amazed at what a difference a day can make. Last night I could not sleep, worried that Elsie was in her last days, and emailed you all late when I could not sleep thinking this was the end. Which I was not ready for. Then I went in to see her today, expecting the worse, she looked much better and her kidneys were functioning better than the day before! Yet today she also had a setback, fluid was surrounding her lung making it harder for her to breath even with the machine. I feel all your prayers are keeping her fighting to come back to us. Thank you all who have prayed for her. It is not a waste of your time, they are obviously working because she keeps on living. When we truly believe that we are all connected consciously the power of that spirit within us all brings us to our God or whatever you call him and miracles happen, as least that is what I feel tonight. This morning I woke up and drove Scott to school and when I came home I watched Good Morning America, they had their first summer series concert. It was Josh Grogan. Who sang you Raise Me Up! I told Jimmy we needed to play that song at my mothers funeral service because every time he walked in her room at the nursing home at dinner time, Her smile got even bigger, which said to me that he raised her up! Mom had become use to him being home every day at their place at dinner time for twenty years and they sat together until bed time and watched TV. He did that for her everyday for her for 17 months at the nursing home Despite her daily suffering and circumstances she knew if none of us made it up there to see her, Jimmy would be there!! I hope we all have a child as good as him! Now that she is gone, Jimmy has been a constant support to me as well. He raises me up because he loves me unconditionally. Weather he knows it or not! Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for Elsie, that is why I posted the prayers picture and a prayer saying of the day.

Take Care,'
Janet :)

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