Angels in the Recent Past and Present

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I found this article and I wanted to share it with you. I agree with it 100 percent. The old rules of the Catholic Church for example do not ring true with most people today. Yet I still feel the need to connect to what I call a higher power or God through a new way. I agree others are searching for that as well. Just recently doing the Online Class with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle I was able to see it worldwide with skype the video player they all used. It was a great thing to see people looking to improve themselves for their life and for the lives of others around them. I really would have to say Eckhart Tolles way of reaching that spirituality in our daily lives will have a great effect on the people who choose to practice it and the others around them weather or not they practice it. In focusing on the now in my life it has brought about an awareness of my actions towards others. I slip up because I am only human, but I try not to react to things with the old thoughts or tapes as some people call them. It is a daily process, some days go better than others. At least making the effort on a daily basis to become a more conscious human being can only lead to self improvement. Progress not perfection is my favorite saying. It allows me to forgive my shortcomings when they creep up on me again! Thanks for visiting my blog,
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Angels in the Recent Past and Present
An amazing number of books with the word angel in the title were published between 1890 and 1925, and in the past few years, we have seen a resurgence of this phenomenon. Today their images appear on postcards, birth announcements, and Christmas greetings, decorations, ornaments, and other dolls. Why now? Why at this time in our history? It's harder these days when traditional religious forms don't hold people in the way they did at one time. Some say our need to believe in angels is our recognition of the need to look at the world in a more spiritual way. The world is experiencing an increasing appreciation of the spiritual, an increasing capacity for people to be with spirit, to co-create. There is so much work that needs to be done, that we really need spiritual help in getting it done. Some would say it's a part of the evolution of our collective soul, leaving us to look inside ourselves and to seek God. We seem to be at the threshold of a new spiritual awakening. More and more Christians are being born into the church of God. Other religions all over the world are seeing more people come into their various folds. The feeling and the belief that angels are real is more prevalent today than ever before. We are more accepting to the appearance of angels and we are aware of the spiritual life. There is no reason to believe it isn't the next step in the consciousness of human beings to regularly be in tune with the gifts of God. The knowing that He is there with all His heavenly hosts to guide us, help us, heal us, and protect us when we need them or when we ask for them is blessed reassurance.

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