Mom's Smiling

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing really good today. My brother Kevin is turning 50 tomorrow and today his new girlfriend had a surprise birthday party for him. My sister Karen had to work but sent a present and my brother Albert was in New York celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife Justine. Congrats to them. So me and Scotty, Pete was sick and Jim and Bobby and his wife Debbie went and we had such a good time. As we sat around talking about old times we laughed and laughed. Bobby bought Kevin a DVD of the three stooges which Kevin loves. It was remastered and restored. As the three of my brothers laughed about certain episodes my son Scotty pointed out they almost look and act like the three stooges. Kevin is Curly and Jim is Larry and Bobby is Moe. If you look on my family pictures you might see the similarity. When I told them that they got a kick out of that. Before you know it they had Scotty in the TV room watching the video. Now Scotty is making all their sounds and gestures, I said thanks alot guys!! I am mostly happy today that my brother Kevin has a great girlfriend. He had a horrible marriage for years, she nagged at him and I think abused him. Kathy is a godsend. When you see them together they are happy and laughing and affectionate. I talked to my sister tonight and told her about today's party. She said Mom is smiling down on all of us right now. I told her I said the same thing to Kathy and Bobby's wife Debbie. It brings me so much peace to know we can still laugh, despite the past and the pain. We all went through so much during my mom's 17 month illness and we would fight about what was right for her and what was not. In the end I thank god we worked things out and we are still a loving family. That is what my Mother and Father would have wanted. I think that is a tribute to the family values they installed in us. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will talk to you soon,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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