Trophy Town

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing pretty good. Today is the Celtics Parade. It sure is good living here in what they now call Trophy Town. This parade makes it the sixth parade since 2000. I really love our Boston teams. Now if we can rub some championship onto the Bruins we will be all good!! Not to get greedy, I am very proud of what all these teams have accomplished.
I have been working part time and helping Larry take care of Elsie's things. Scotty is now on summer vacation and it is good to have some free time to spend with him. I finally feel like my life getting back on track. I still miss my mom and Elsie very much. I think of them many times a day, but I am keeping focused on the present which helps me to get on with life. Well not much else to chat about today. Thanks for visiting my blog, Take Care,
Janet :)

Spiritual Share: Here and now, you can begin this personal effort to determine just what Fact, Principle, Reality, Truth ITSELF is. In spite of all that mankind has been told for centuries, this is not an impossible task! It is not hard to do. It is not even an uphill struggle. It is the happiest thing you will ever undertake! As one divests himself of former beliefs and opinions and begins to arrive at his own concept of God, through his own effort, from out the wisdom of his own heart, then God, Reality, Truth reveals Itself to that one—just as it has been said, 'Seek and ye shall find.'

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