Tree Of Life

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. Today we had a yard sale at my in laws house. Over the years Elsie and Larry have accumulated alot of possessions, being in the eighties. So to clear out some space we decided to have the yard sale. I have kept some sentimental possessions. It was kinda hard watching her things just going away. What we didn't sell we will donate to charity, I think she would have liked that. It is nice to keep things of them around you, to remind you that they live on in some way. I also have a bag of my mothers belongings from the nursing home that I have not put away. I just feel if I put the things in the bag away I will have nothing left and I am not ready for that. So who knows how long that bag will sit in my closet! I am sure I sound silly, but it is what it is. I also have sentimental possessions of hers as well. I ended the day with a great New England meal, lobster and corn on the cob. Looking forward to Saturday Night tv, always good for some laughs, mad tv, Saturday night live are my favorites. I would like to mention this man's blog, SoulMerlin. He is a fabulous writer and performer from England and I get great support from him. He has posted on his blog, a segment about the tree of life. It includes beautiful pictures and the way he writes you feel the experience with him. He also writes about the Stonehenge summer solstice. I encourage you all to visit, here is the link. http://soulmerlin.wordpress.com/.
Well that's it for today, thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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