Briana the Monkey?

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. Last night we went to see Larry the Cable Guy and he was so funny we laughed the entire time. He is so much funnier in person. He can say things he can't say on TV or in the Movies. If he comes to your town I would recommend you seeing him. His tickets prices are very fair as well. I am still driving around listening to Mamma Mia, it is my new addiction!!. I am still smoke free and intend on staying that way. I feel so good. My granddaughter is walking more and more on her own. The only thing is they told me last night that she walks like she is still holding your hands, so when she walks with her hands up in the air, she looks like a Monkey. I just laughed, I am going to see her tomorrow, I have to check this out. Hopefully this phase won't last long. Too funny! I chose this saying about the law of attraction for today. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care
Janet :)
By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life.
Gary Zukav

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  1. ...and sometimes I make my own hell, by choosing my worst negative thoughts and fears...and I grow them like mushrooms in the dark cupboard of my mind - and then I open the door and let the sunlight in and the spectres fade in the dawn

    So your words helped me today.