Autumn Days

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I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. I had such a nice day driving around in my new car and listening to the music as the sun sparkled through the Autumn leaves. I hope you all had that kind of day as well. I wanted to mention a couple of things in yesterday's post but forgot so here goes. I now know what they mean about dance like no one is watching, it is so much fun. You can get as crazy as you want without embarrassment. I highly recommend you do it sometime. You will also laugh at yourself. I also wanted to say you should watch the videos of disturbia and pocket full of sunshine on youtube, they are so good. I also meant to mention that my co-worker Donna does the best happy dance I have ever seen, no disrespect to Shirley. She does pretty good as well. Then Donna injured her shoulder, how sad it was for a while without her happy dance. But Thank God she is back LOL!
Intuitive Self Part 5
Why all these things are important? Part of tuning in or bringing forth the gift of insight is being able to let go of all the attachments we have. Image a single Mother working full time trying to raise her children the best she can. Then imagine her thoughts as solid objects floating around her like small balls. There would be school meetings in a little ball, work commitments in another one, maybe issues with a mother or ex-husband in another one, money worries in another one and so on. Now picture this woman with all those little balls rotating around her like a mini hurricane do you think she is going to be able to see anything with absolute objectivity and clarity? Do you think she will be able to be at one with anything with all those balls floating around her? Probably not. That is why concepts like no mind, non attachment, releasing ego, meditation etc are important when it comes to being able to increasing your intuitiveness. You are not going to be able hear your inner voice unless you can lessen the noise of the outside world and your ego self. Ego self is that voice saying 'How can you sit here meditating when there is so much else to do. ' Your intuitive self. There are many articles on how to become more intuitive but most focus on increasing your psychic abilities. But that is not solely what being intuitive means. Being intuitive is being able to recognize the person who walks into your life and is not the healthiest person to have around. Being intuitive is being able to step back in arguments and see all sides objectively. Being intuitive is having an awareness when the people you care about are hurting. Being intuitive is being able to hear the inner voice over the ego voice. Being intuitive is being able to hear that Angel voice that say 'not a good idea' or 'we are with you always' . Being intuitive is being in tune with not only your own emotions and feelings but those of the people around you. Being intuitive is being able to make informed choices rather than ones based on emotion and past 'stuff' . Ultimately these things are going to be more useful to you than knowing who is on the other end of the telephone when it rings or what card will be turned over next. So what can you do to be more tuned in? Try automatic writing. Light a candle say a prayer ask for guidance ask for all things to come in unconditional love divine light and for your highest good and write what ever comes into your head. At the very least this will allow you to clear your mind of thoughts and you may even start to tune into your inner voice. Meditate. Find what works for you!
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