My Little Lady Bug!!

Hi Everyone,
Happy Halloween,
Just as my kids grew up and I have no one to take out for trick or treating, along comes Briana. She is such a God send to help me heal and carry on. I cannot wait until tomorrow night when we take her up to the mall. I was at Target tonight and I found an Elmo trick or treat bag, she loves Elmo so she will be so happy to carry him around with her. She will be the cutest one up there, because being her grandmother I know so! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. I will write you this weekend and let you know how it goes. Please feel free to write me and let me know how your Halloween Night went.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. She is adorable! I hope that you had a wonderful evening with your grandaughter, and that you have a terrific weekend:)

  2. Thanks Angel,
    hope your weekend is a happy one.
    Take Care,

  3. How sweet! She looks like a ballerina :)