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I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. I am posting another part of the article of Your intuitive self. It is somewhat along the lines of Eckhart Tolles, The Power of Now. I had to read it a couple of times to get the full concept, but maybe you guys will get it sooner than I. I want to thank SoulMerlin and Kat and everyone else who commented on my post about Wendy, your words brought me much comfort as I have had alot of loss in the past two years. To my entrecard droppers I am sorry I have not been able to drop on your blogs. I got a new computer and I am having troubles dropping with this one. I need to call my dsl provider to fix the problem and then I will be dropping again. Thanks for your drops, I will make it up to you all when I get my computer problems worked out. I hope you all have a great Columbus Day weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.
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Your Intuitive Self Part 4
No mind state
To be of no mind state is to be completely at one with the universe. This is not the same as when athletes say they are in the “zone”, being in the zone is having total focus on one thing while
being of no mind state is having no focus on anything it is the state of just being. I am not a religious person in the church sense nor am I affiliated with any religious organization but I to get across the point of no mind it is useful to use a bible analogy. When Jesus stated in the bible the words “I am” he was actually referring to being in a no mind state being one with everything.
The Native Americans say the same thing “I am one with the trees, I am one with the animals,

I am one with the rocks etc.” When you are of no mind state there are no reactions no emotions
no fears doubts you just are. This is what my guides have to say about no mind. Without self there is nothing emptiness. I am without self we are one, I am without time there is nothing emptiness, I am Without time we are one. I am. Close your eyes does your mind tell you what you do not see? Close your eyes do your fears and emotions dictate what you hear? Close your eyes does your physical body determine the outcome your mind decrees? I am. I am not here not there, I am. I am not afraid or fearful. I am. I am not walking not talking I am. Eagle feathers
Submitting to the I don’t know is the releasing of ego the freeing of the soul it is the ultimate freedom. Only from emptiness can your body be filled. As a Psychic/Medium when I am with someone and I am tuned in I am of no mind state. The divine energy comes through me I speak the words I have an awareness but I am not attaching anything to either what is being
said or the person I am with. “I am”. The reason I mention this state of ‘no mind’ is because it is when we are at our most intuitive and I might add peaceful. It is the next rung of the ladder in meditation but it can also be that moment when you are completely in the now just being.
The advantage of being of no mind state is that you can see things with great clarity because there isn’t any B….S getting in the road no emotional attachment to outcomes no judgments no
looking for agendas just what is.

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  1. fantastic. carlos castaneda says that an animal doesn't think in a language-based rational way as we do. an animal just 'knows'

    to release the rational, the ego, the self and just 'know'


    thanks for your words above - in relation to you and wendy my words came very easily.