Karma for Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman

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I hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. Today reminded me of the day I watched O.J. Simpson found not guilty in the double murders of Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman. I was in complete and absolute shock that the jury was so blinded to the evidence by race. Then a Judge gave him custody of the children who were inside of the house and could have found their mother like that. No wonder he feels he is above the law. I feel so sorry for those two kids. I found this poem and I think Nicole would express her thought on today's sentencing similar to these words if she could. Back to loving-kindness next blog.
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by Phyllis V. Du'Gas

"What goes around will come back"

Life is filled with currents
At different times and degrees
Like the swaying of a tree
Like the tide to the sea

Like the love you found in me
Words written and spoken
To my heart you brought sorrow
It was all a lie
when you promised me tomorrow

You were never free
To follow through or plan
You belong to another
You’re somebody else’s man

You can’t have your cake
And eat it too
I’m not your baby
And I’m not your boo

This woman deserves more
than good times and lust
You breached my trust
There’s no need to cuss

We all have to live with our Karma


  1. I love that poem. Thanks for sharing it. O.J. will get what he deserves somewhere along the line.
    Take care, Janet:)

  2. Yes. Karma has a way of catching up with us. Sometimes it happens in the same lifetime.

  3. I just pray that O.J. and all the lost souls like him will be led to light and understanding somewhere in their soul's journey. For if they are it will indeed make the world a better place.

    In the meantime they are a lesson that we can all look at and learn from. A lesson in forgiveness, hope, and prayer for not only the lost souls but for those whom they harm. We must give them all our prayers.

    And we can look at our own lives and make sure we are really acting with love.

    Thank you for making me think.
    Robin :)

  4. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.

    I am glad you posted this. My heart truly went out to Ron Goldman's father yesterday. He has been consumed with OJ's life since the murder of his son. I hope that this sentence will give him permission to move forward with his wife and family.

  5. That poem is great! I too was appalled at the OJ verdict.
    But what goes around...eventually does come back around.
    Take care,

  6. It's definitely karma. What goes around, comes around--although sometimes not nearly soon enough.

  7. What a beautiful poem.

  8. Hi Janet, I love this poem... thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Janet, I went through your blog and loved everything that i read. This is really a great inspirational site. I am now a big fan so I added you to the blogs I follow. God bless!

  10. Janet you have a wonderful blog. All of it is just fantastic.

    And this poem is incredible. It is a wonderful remembrance of Nicole. The words do ring so true to what we found her life to be.

    It was such a tragedy. But, in the long run what goes around does in fact come home to roost.

    Wonderful post!

  11. Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown...and OJ ... two souls that suffered and the last one OJ now suffering.

    What a waste of lives