Love Yourself

Hi Everyone,
Hi hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. Another snowy day in New England. It has been a a very snowy season this year and all around is nothing but mounds of snow. It is pretty at first but then after a few days it is just dirty looking and blah.I don't get down though, I like having 4 seasons. Today I want to continue to share with everyone the practice of Loving-Kindness meditation. I have to say I don't always have the time to practice this but now that I have started to, I honestly feel less anxious than I use to. I am truly returning to a state of happiness that I have not felt since my mother had her double stroke in 2006. I endured 17 months of watching her suffer with the effects of a double stroke. I did not feel love or joy for a long time only pain and anxiety. So I recommend this even in small doses for yourself. Thanks for visiting my blog
Take Care,
Janet :)
Discover Your Enormous Potential for Happiness
Everyone want to be happy. You may not realize that happiness comes from within you. Real self-worth is entirely internal. The exercises in this section will give you an opportunity to practice compassion and love for yourself. You may find that you'll experience feelings of joy and contentment not just while you're doing the exercises but long after your practice has ended. The best way to start is to look through these different loving-kindness practices and see which ones resonate with you. Then do the ones you like. You can repeat the same one many times. Give yourself a chance to open your heart as you practice these meditations. Two meditations I will share with you today and more to follow in my next posts on loving-kindness.
Be Your Own Best Friend.
The foundation of loving-kindness is knowing how to be your own best friend. How do you treat your best friend? Is it with care, attention, love, and concern? Here is an exercise that offers you those same deep feelings for others towards yourself. This practice helps you remember your core goodness. I would suggest either informal or formal meditation whichever works best for you. When your in a comfortable place simply breath in and out to relax your body and mind, then say these words to yourself. First remember a time when you felt open and friendly, Like the feeling you get when a child takes your hand, or a dog runs up to greet you, or your sweetheart wraps you up in a warm embrace. As these memories or feelings emerge let yourself feel the warm emotions. Next gently direct these phrases towards yourself. May I be kind to myself, May I rest in this moment, May I be at ease and May I be happy.
Loving-Kindness Towards Your Body. This one may be hard as we all find fault with our bodies. You may hate your thighs but love your eyes. This exercise will help you to direct acceptance of all of your body. Follow the same steps as the one above, what ever works best for you and simply say these words towards all the parts of your body, liked or not liked. Visualize yourself feeling good about the parts of your body you really like. Rest in that feeling for a few moments. Now focus on the parts of your body that you don't like and treat them with kindness, repeat these phrases. May I be kind to my body, May I make friends with my body, May I free from hate, May I be free from fear. Relax and let your breaths comfort you. Slowly bring yourself back to your day.


  1. Dear dolly, great post. I love the simple and plain approach of that meditation, opening up the inner flower of love....Happy Blogging

  2. What a great point. I actually have a post lined up for today that one of the points is 'to love ourselves'

  3. I was browsing the blogosphere and I stumbled upon your blog, so I stopped to say hi!
    I am interested in spirituality and personal growth and I would like to meet like minded people.
    Wishing you the best!

  4. Hi Janet

    Great post! When I am feeling low on energy or not so great about myself, I start pampering! Face masks, pedicure, manicure etc. I always say if you're not feeling the love then start by loving yourself. It always makes me feel much better.


  5. Janet,

    Thank you for being a friend. I truly appreaciate your friendship, and your loving energy.

    I needed this post today.

    I am very happy the week is over, and I am going to spend some quiet time in meditation this weekend.

    Thank you, love and light, Kimmy

  6. What a great post! And I love that pic....can we use it in the Angels Weekly Magazine??? :)

    Also, I've left you another award over on my blog..

    Have a great weekend!
    Take Care,

  7. I would have given you the same award that Kat gave you. This time I double and triple-checked her recipients. You truly deserve this award, Janet.

    Much Love,

    Bing (",)

  8. Hi Janet ~ I love the loving-kindness exercises here. I am very happy with my body, which still refuses to age too much, but my face has changed enormously over the years and so I went into the bathroom and smiled into the shaving mirror...I noted that he smiled back. :)


    ps: The Obama and the Klu video is really funny! (let's wish Obama all strength)