Really?!?: Michael Phelps

Hi Everyone,
I saw this today on http://newsday.today.com/. It is a good website, he is on top of the news that matters. I had to share it with you, it is so funny. This is exactly how I feel as well.
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. Dear janet,

    sorry to say that, but hulu generates an error message. International streaming is not available so I cannot watch the vid.... Happy Blogging and greetings from germany...

  2. Of course you can use it but a linkback is always appreciated! Thanks for visiting my blog,


  3. Oh you're too kind :) I like your blog too - especially your "love yourself" post. Good stuff!

  4. Janet,

    I couldn't watch the video on your site, but I went to the link and watched it there...and laughed my butt off!! Seth is funny!!

    I enjoyed it, thanks!!

    Take care,

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! It makes me smile too! I don't know how intense your agreement goes, but there's a great boycott of Kellogg's going on that is being organized by a number of organizations. If you want any info feel free to contact me (or check my blog - but I swear I'm not just trying to self promote - this issue is far too important to me!!! I've just been writing up a storm/posting links etc. there about the Phelps thing)

    I was Entrecard surfing, and this made me smile... thanks!!! :-)

  6. Hey,

    I have given you another award over at my blog!! I know....but you are the first person I think of at awards time!!! lol

  7. Hi Janet,
    I am here to ask you to join quite a few of us in spreading some love for Valentine's day!


    It's a pretty cool little deal. I hope you will pop over and join us.