Learn to Detach

Hi Everyone,
How to Detach,
I never thought of this until today when Bing brought it to my attention,
I need to learn how to detach from the loved ones I have lost, and keep
the joy of life within me, and carry on. Thanks Bing, I wrote this poem
to help with the the process.

I have to say goodbye, as I cry
How do you know I still care,
when you are not near.
I was by your side, and
held your hand as you cried,
You did not want to leave,
Although I said it is ok,
You thought of me
and wanted to stay.
I Loved you in life and
Love you more now,
Knowing you are an
Angel beside me with
no doubt.
Janet :)


  1. JANET, this poem is so touching. It reminded me of my own emotions for James. I know that detachment is easier said than done. I still slip back from time to time.

    But truly, in the end, it is our decision where our grief will bring us (or at least where we will allow it to bring us).

    Remember the person, remember the loving feeling, embrace the thought... be grateful that this person touched and blessed your life. Share that blessing with others. That is the best way to celebrate life- yours and the one you lost.

    By detaching, you get to focus on what you have. I'm not saying that you stop grieving. On the contrary, grieve until there are no more tears left. Take your time to complete the process. Eventually the pain will subside.

    I hope I'm making sense here. Hehehe... I am confused myself. LOL!

    Much Love,

    Bing (",)

    P.S. please take care

  2. Janet,

    This is truly a very touching poem, and I can feel that it came from deep within your heart!

    I too believe that you will always mourn the loss of loved ones, and it is in how you choose to handle that that defines the love you have for them.

    The pain is always there, it is just that as time goes on, you learn how to handle it a bit differently every single day.

    Everyone needs their own time to grieve, and no one knows how long that is except for you... you just have to remember that you are still living, and in order to live...you have to go on. I know how difficult and hard that is, especially when you are in a dark place, but believe me when I say...each day it will get a little easier.

    Remember the joy and love that they brought you when they were here, and try not to focus so much on the pain and loss they left you with. It was not done by their choice....you have to forgive them, and try not to hold onto that grief.

    I am here, whenever if you need me ~ Remember that!!

    Love you,

  3. NOT to leave the banquet of life. Separation of polymerization is so normal.
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  4. hello again JANET! i have a new set of awards for you at my site. please check them out.

    Bing (",)