Loving Kindness To Go

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I would like to share with you some loving kindness meditations to help during stressful situations. You know when you get up in the morning and your running late and then you get stuck in traffic and from that point on your day is ruined. Well take kindness for a drive. When you feel the power of anger overcoming you simply take a few deep breaths. Shifting your attention towards your breathing will help you come down from your agitated state. Start to pay attention to your self talk. Are you being critical of yourself for running late. As you breath replace the critical thinking of yourself with May the anger I feel at this moment leave me. May my body be calm. May my mind be peaceful. May I be at ease in this moment. Repeat them to yourself if needed and hopefully sooner than later you will begin to feel calm and move throughout your day in a better state of mind. Another meditation to help bring calm into your day is one of remembering kindness of your family. Often times we spend to much time focusing on what our parents did wrong or siblings. To change these thoughts simply doing a breathing exercise and focus on the acts of kindness your family did for you. If your mom made you a special cake for your birthday. Did your Mom or Dad cook your favorite dinner when you asked. Did your brother or sister willing play games with you that were fun and brought happiness to you at that moment. When you visualize the goodness coming from your family towards you, let yourself feel this love and say to yourself "May I feel the love and care I received as a child". Rest in that feeling for a few moments and enjoy it for the rest of the day.
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  1. I just love all your Loving Kindness meditations!! Now, If I could just get them to work for me!!!! lol

    Also, I have finally posted my gratitude award, come see!

  2. Hi Janet ~ I really appreciate this:-

    "May I feel the love and care I received as a child".

    I did so much and you've made me remember.