Project Blue Edited

Hi Everyone,
I found this great ebook at http://deborahrobinson.blogspot.com/ Thank you Deb for sharing this with all of us. In Memory of my mother who suffered for years with a Mental Inness I am an advocate for all women who struggle with any form of Mental Illness. So I have joined Project Blue, an ebook about women struggling with depression. I hope that all of you who who are so brave to share your story on your blogs will join this ebook and help others out. You will inspire so many others who are struggling with depression and so many other mental health issues. It is time to take the stigma out of Mental Illness.
Thank you, Janet :)
Please click on the link below. If you had trouble before linking I edited the link.


  1. Thank you for what you are doing toward mental illness awareness :)

  2. Janet,

    What a great article!! I am also advertising this great ebook over on The Angels Weekly, so our readers there can join too!

    I agree with you, let's put an end to the stigma.

    Take care,

  3. thank you for sharing this site with us, janet. i will go there to see how i can help.

    blessings to you!

    Bing (",)

  4. Hi,

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    Thanks again,

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