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Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I am posting what my editor from the Angels weekly posted about our new Entrecard. Kat is very devoted and has been working hard to get this ezine off the ground. Many a night she has lost sleep to make it the best for our readers and still has to go to work all day long. So I am asking as she is as well for your support to add this card to your daily drops. Please take some time to read the great articles there and please subscribe to us. We really appreciate your time and support. If the link I put in the picture does
not bring you to the card, I also posted the direct link. I am also including the
direct link to the Angels Weekly
Thank you so much
Take Care,
Janet :)

The Angels Weekly is on Entrecard!

We have made it onto Entrecard!!

The Angels Weekly is now on Entrecard...And I hope you will all bookmark us and drop on us!! And you can even stop to read our great articles? Give us a review, let us know how we're doing? We look forward to seeing you over there!!
Oh, and by the way....have you subscribed to the Angels feed?? We would love it if you did!! We have been turned down by some directories and article places for not having enough readership or links...... Now, I know you are reading, but THEY don't, because you haven't subscribed to the RSS feed? Please click on the orange "subscribe to rss feed" button on the top right HERE.
I have met some of dearest friends on Entrecard, and I hope they will help me out here...... :)
And please let me know if you subscribe, so I can hopefully resubmit our mag to some of these directories!!
The Angels thank you for your support!!
Have a blessed day!
Take care,
And by the way, The Angels Weekly is always looking for women to write new articles. Do you have an opinion? Something you would like to say? If you do not have a blog or maybe you just feel like writing something completely different, you can do it in this ezine. Come and join us!


  1. Janet,
    Thank you so very much for your support! I know I have leaned on you during the whole re-vamping process too, and I want to say a special thank you for always being there, and being my voice of reason when I was ready to give up!!

    We will be the best magazine! I just know it!!

    Thank you again, for everything,

  2. Thank you so much!! Everything is appreciated so much!! :)