Melt the Ice

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. Today I wanted to share
another loving kindness meditation with you. The next time you can't
stop thinking that you're a terrible person who hasn't contributed
anything of worth to the world. As we often are our own worst enemy
and put many expectations on ourselves. Chose either a informal or
formal way of meditating and notice the painful or uncomfortable
thoughts that are vying for your attention. Let them pass through
your mind like clouds. Begin to think of someone from your past who
loved you. For example a school teacher who recognized you had a gift
for language, or a mentor who helped you develop a craft for art. Picture
that person sitting in front of you smiling. Feel this person extending
love and care to you in the form of radiant light like the rays from the sun.
Let your heart open up to receive this warm light. If your heart feels
blocked imagine this barrier as a thin layer of ice melting to make room
for this love. As you let this warmth from this person into your heart
let it overflow with love and gratitude. Let this feeling flow throughout
your entire body, filling you with the sensation of peace and ease.
After feeling this way for a couple of minutes bring yourself back to
your day. Try to hold on to these feelings and as you go about your
day and share them with the world. You will make it a better place.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. Good day..
    Definitely words to live by.
    I follows the bible's 'turn the other cheek' method..
    If people were wired to not react negative;y or defensively...we would have such a pleasant world :)

    Have a very Happy Easter!

  2. I enjoyed this post and found it to be quite helpful.The creative visualization you describe is really spot on to create a sense of well being thanks for sharing the compassion.

  3. As always a great post Janet. I hope all is well with you and your family.


  4. I found myself doing the meditation as I was reading your post. It is such an attractive thing to do.

    I found myself thinking of an old school-teacher who liked me and encouraged me.

    I found I was smiling and it felt so good...